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Abilify, also named Abilify Discmelt, is a brand name of a medicine consisting of Aripiprazole, marketed by both Bristol-Myers Squibb/Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. It is in tablets and liquid form. It is an antipsychotic (major tranquilizer) medication, used for psychotic (mental) illness, which are characterized by sharp changes in personality, mood swings, depression, and inability to distinguish between reality and fiction like Schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. The brain ensures the mental stability of the human. It consists of millions of nerve cells that contact each other via chemicals, of which the two crucial ones are dopamine and serotonin. Their malfunction causes the mental illness. Abilify effects’ on them is unclear but is said to play a balancing role in their activity (if it is too much, Abilify lowers it, and vice versa).

Having proper medical records is important as some medicines react with aripiprazole with side effects like anti-depressants/anxiety, antacids, diet pills, vitamins, herbs, cough-and-cold products among others. Its dosage is generally once a day, starting with 15 mg to up to 30 mg. It can be taken with/without food. Its regular use is advised. If you miss a dose, consult the doctor, and do not attempt to make up for it (will you take more food just because you missed a meal). If you take an overdose, consult the doctor immediately. While taking Abilify, avoid taking any herbal/natural supplement, drugs, alcohol, and smoking. You may feel drowsy, so avoid driving.

Its adverse effects’ rate is low, but the common ones are insomnia, stomach troubles, headache, and anxiety. Other effects caused are dizziness, higher risk of diabetes, increased blood cholesterol. If in case, you experience vomiting, unsteadiness in walking, muscle weaknesses, or diarrhea, consult the doctor immediately. Moreover, pregnant/to-be-pregnant//nursing women need to take precautions. It is generally not for children below 18 years and for older patients having dementia. Moreover, you do feel better within a few weeks; you should not stop taking Abilify without consulting the doctor as it can worsen the illness.

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