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Aceon is no alien to those familiar with ACE inhibitors; this angiotensin-converting- enzyme offers round-the-clock blood pressure control and is an effective treatment for essential hypertension. The medicine is at par with the rest in first-line therapy for hypertension and is an effective measure for preventing complications like cardiac failure, post-myocardial necrosis, diabetes, chronic renal disease and stroke from occurring. Aceon or perindopril erbumine , just like any other ACE inhibitors, reduces hypertension by stopping / slowing down the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II , the latter being responsible for artery-constriction or blockage. The immediate effect is arterial vaso-dilation that results in an overall reduction in blood pressure.

ACEON® Tablets are either used alone or with another anti-hypertensive medicine. It is strictly meant for reducing hypertension and must not be used for treating cardiac failures, post-myocardial necrosis, high coronary disease risk, chronic renal disorders, stroke and diabetes. Patients with angioedema must avoid this drug as well. Same goes for those in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy; it is because angiotensin -converting- enzyme inhibitors have been noticed to inflict major harm and cause even death to a fetus. In case a patient is on Aceon, it
should be discontinued immediately after pregnancy is detected.

For maximum effect, Aceon must be taken on a regular basis since it takes several weeks to bring the benefits. Aceon does not cure hypertension; it just keeps it under control. However, if allergic reactions show up, it’s best to contact a physician immediately. Aceon often brings the requirement of an emergency treatment in such cases. But the general side effects (cough, dizziness, leg pain, headache, light-headedness and inflammation and infection of the ENT areas) are much milder and disappear as the therapy continues. Still, it’s a good idea to bring it under the notice of the doctor to prevent major side effects if they show up


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