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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that intends to promote health besides alleviating pain and suffering. Even though the method may seem old and mysterious to many, it is actually effective as it works on the ideas of “vital energy” and “energetic balance”. The acupuncturist assesses the flow and distribution of these elements within its meridians referred to as meridians and channels.

Mechanisms of action

The process of acupuncture is responsible in influencing health and sickness by stimulating the certain areas along the path known as the meridians. Earlier fine needles were the chief tools of this therapeutic art. The basic stimulants used today are herbs, electricity, magnets as well as lasers.

Side effects of Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments should only be received from a trained and licensed practitioner in order to minimize the possibilities of any kind of side effects. In most cases, the processes aiding acupuncture treatments are known to create a sense of relaxation and well being in the individuals receiving it. This process of treatment has multiple benefits as they heal other problems while treating the targeted ailments in an individual. This is probably the best side effect that demonstrates the value of balancing both quality and quantity of vital energy with
the entire person being treated.

Modern scientific theories of Acupuncture

The many years since the invention of the technique of acupuncture have experienced many evolutions due to the addition made by world of science. The main scientific theories used in this are the Neurohormonal theories that aim to increase the sensations of pains and sufferings by blocking the pain at critical locations of the human brain.

The process acupuncture continues to be a very safe way of medical treatment besides promising treatment of multiple diseases. The significance of this disease is
validated from the popularity it has maintained over the centuries.


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