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Alcoholism may be best described as a kind of illness caused by drinking of alcoholic beverages to extents that interferes with the individual’s physical health, mental health as well as his family or social occupational responsibilities. The entire phenomenon of alcoholism may be divided into two basic categories: a) Dependence – People with alcohol dependence are known to suffer from the severest of alcohol disorders. b) Abuse- Alcohol abusers may have legal problems such as drinking and driving. These individuals may also suffer from binge drinking that refers to the habit of drinking six or more drinks at one sitting.

Symptoms of Alcoholism:
The most common forms of symptoms associated with Alcoholism are:

• Drinking alone
• Making excuses to drink
• Need of frequent use of alcohol for adequate function
• Shaking in the morning
• Abdominal pain
• Sudden episodes of violence after getting drunk
• Negligence in intake of food
• Nausea and vomiting
• Numbness an tingling
• Tremors and seizures leading to hallucinations or confusion.

Any individual suffering from these should join rehabilitation centers or should seek professional medical help.

Signs and tests

Alcoholics should undergo through a various tests conducted by physicians in determining the condition of the suffering patients. The common test programs include:

• A toxilogy screen or blood alcohol level confirms the condition of the alcoholic.
• Liver function tests- This method includes testing of blood counts or the size, volume of the blood corpuscles.

Available treatment for the alcoholics

Rehabilitation programs and medications are essential in trading the alcohol habits of the people. The most common medications available are:

• Naltrexone used to reduce alcohol cravings.
• Disulfiram stops alcohol taking habits by producing unpleasant side effects on the slightest of drinking.
• Acomprosate that lowers relapse rates in those who are alcohol dependent.


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