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Ambrotose is a dietary supplement that claims to be able to provide our cells with the proper way of communicating with each other better. Ambrotose comes in powder for and capsules form for the convenience of the people who take it. This new breakthrough in supplements has claims to being able to make cellular function efficiently in order to have a healthier life.

What is Ambrotose?

Ambrotose is a product of Mannatech. This company has funded research and several other studies concerning the glyconutrients that our body needs to function properly and heal faster. Glyconutrients are the basic cells that build the connecting lines between other cells. If your glyconutrients components are malformed or lacking, your body may be sickly or can not heal properly.

Ambrotose is being marketed as a supplement since it can not claim any medicinal value. It just claims to provide the necessary saccharides which can aid in cellular communication and immune support. It can also improve athletic performance, better sleep, more energy, improved concentration and a greater sense of
well-being. These are some of the claims of the people who have tried Ambrotose.

The Building Blocks of Cells

Glyconutrients are eight separate cells that are the raw materials of building blocks that our body uses to communicate with each cell in our body. The lack of proper communication among the cells can lead to sickness and slow healing Ambrotose is made from a glyconutritional blend of plant sugars or sachharides along with other elements to make up effective glycoforms.

Recommended Doses of Ambrotose

The Ambrotose bottle label recommends a daily intake of one fourth teaspoon at least twice a day while the recommended dosage of Ambrotose capsules with Lecithin is one capsule at least twice a day. If you are new to taking Ambrotose, you might want to lessen the recommended daily dosage to enable your system to get used to it first. As your system adapts to the intake of Ambrotose, you can increase your dosage to the recommended one.

Even intakes in excess of the recommended dosage are relatively safe since Ambrotose is a natural plant extract of saccharides. It can even be given to children two years old and above who have problems thriving or growth problems. The amount of Ambrotose to be taken by any individual would have to be based on his age, genetic make up, stress level, metabolic rate, current dietary intake and
other factors.


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