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Arimidex is used for women in their post menopause stage who have breast cancer in its early stage. In cases where the malignant tumors are hormone receptor positive, Arimidex can be administered. They reduce the estrogen level or block its formation thus avoiding recurrence of cancer. Arimidex can also be prescribed for breast cancer patients who have undergone surgery so as to avoid its recurrence. Even after surgery, there is a possibility of some cancer cells remaining in the body, thus Arimidex can suppress or block these cancer cells to cause harm to the body. This can also be used in addition to the radiation therapy. Basically it can be said that Arimidex is a breast cancer treatment medicine.

It must be taken in consultation with a medical practitioner only and their advice relating to dosages of the medicine must be followed very strictly. Generally, it is taken once every day and it is advisable to take it with lots of water. No double doses of Arimidex should be taken even if you miss a dose of medicine as it may harm the patient.

Precautions before taking Arimidex

Other existing medical conditions or medical prescriptions must strictly be discussed with the doctor before taking Arimidex. If you are taking any other medicines then it must be brought to the notice of the Doctor so that he can check the possible reactions of Arimidex with such medicines and can adjust the doses accordingly. If a woman is pregnant the Arimidex must not be taken as it has been found that Arimidex may harm the baby nurturing in the womb. Also, mothers who are breast feeding their child should also not take Arimidex as it is known that it passes on to breast milk and may harm the baby. Any of these conditions must be told to the
doctor before he prescribes the medicine.

Side Effects

The common side effects related with Arimidex are hot flashes, sore throat, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite, weight gain, headache, constipation, weakness, swelling, high blood pressure, vaginal dryness, skin rashes etc. These are not so serious conditions but the doctor must be consulted if such conditions occur. The more serious conditions which may occur as a side effect of Arimidex are swelling of face, tongue and lips, closing of throat and difficulty in breathing. These require immediate medical attention and the doctor must be contacted immediately if any such situation occurs.

The clinical trials carried out on several breast cancer patients have proved that Arimidex is certainly a better medicine then any other for lowering the risk of breast cancer recurrence in post menopausal women. The trials have proved that there are less cases of recurrence of breast cancer in patients on Arimidex then on
other medicines.


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