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A chronic illness that develops in the respiratory system in which the air passage gets constricted due to inflammation and gets lined with a lot of mucus. The causes of the inflammation of the airway and formation of mucus are many like exposure to cold air, warm air, moist air, excessive workout and even emotional stress. Between periods of affectation, an individual maybe able to lead a more or less healthy lifestyle but might have to put up with infrequent bouts of short breath, especially after strenuous workout sessions. The condition has a history of its own and the word was first found in Homer’s ‘Iliad’. It is derived from the original Greek work called “aazein” which means “sharp breath”.

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms of asthma are more or less the same in all the cases, but in some it is chronic respiratory impairment while in others the attack occurs in intermittent spells. Symptoms may be caused due to upper respiratory infection, allergens, stress and air pollutants. In case of severe asthma the condition is referred to as an asthma attack and symptoms can include wheezing and stridor. The worst part of an asthma attack is that an affected individual can pass it onto unaffected ones if he is not careful. Doctors generally detect a case of asthma from the following signs- wheezing, rapid breathing,lengthened expiration, a heart
rate faster than normal and audible lung sounds.


The most effective treatment for asthma is perhaps identifying probable triggers and making the individual stay away from them. Many doctors also specify that patients with a smoking habit should cease to continue with it. Patients suffering from daily attacks are generally prescribed a high dose of glucocorticoid along with an inhaler. Young patients are often provided with asthma spacers that help them
to tackle the problem. Adults on the other hand are asked to use nebulizers.


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