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Atrovent is also known as Ipratropium, an anti-cholinergic drug that is often used to treat obstructive lung diseases. The drug works by barring muscarinic receptors found in the lungs. This will cause inhibition of mucus secretion and bronchoconstriction. Atrovent does not diffuse into our blood which is a good thing because it can prevent systemic side effects.

Bronchospasm attacks are often treated with Atrovent but this will not take effect on the individual if the attack is happening. You will need to recover from the attack or before it for Atrovent to work properly. There may also be other diseases that Atrovent is called for to treat or alleviate other than those listed above. Regular use of Atrovent for patients who suffer from emphysema, COPD, and bronchospasm will help reduce the risk of attacks and manage the condition.

Atrovent is sometimes integrated or combined with salbutamol or fenoterol to manage COPD and asthma. This drug is best taken via inhalation for fast and effective results. Inhalers are handy and precise dispensers of drugs and medications for those who need them. Be careful exposing your Atrovent container to heat since extreme heat can cause it to burst open. It is important to bear in mind that you would have to discard the inhaler after spraying it 200 times even if
you feel that there is still some medication left in the canister.

Atrovent Restrictions

Having narrow angle glaucoma or an enlarged prostate may prevent you from using Atrovent. Your doctor may alternatively, lower or adjust the dosage of Atrovent to fit the condition of the person who suffers from bronchospasms. Children under twelve years of age may not be given Atrovent as medication to treat their condition. Women who are pregnant or are planning to be within the period of treatment using Atrovent must consult their doctor regarding this. Although, there are no conclusive studies regarding the effects of Atrovent on an unborn child or breastfeeding it is best to be sure of everything before taking the drug.

Using Atrovent

Using the inhaler Atrovent is very convenient. Before initial use, prime the inhaler by blasting it a couple of times in the air. If you have not used your inhaler for over three days, prime it also. When using the inhaler, uncap the canister and breathe out slowly, put the valve into your mouth and close your eyes to be sure not to spray your eyes. Breathe in slowly at the same time push down the button.
Hold your breath for around 7 – 10 seconds before breathing out again.


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