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Azmacort (generic name triamcinolone oral inhaler) is a corticosteroid that is inhaled into the lungs to reduce the symptoms of asthma such as wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. It is also used for other lung conditions. The primary aim of prescribing Azmacort is to reduce the incidence of asthma attacks. It will not provide instant relief once an attack in progress. For acute asthma attacks, the doctor will prescribe another type of medication.

Steroidal medication such as triamcinolone inhibits the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. Triamcinolone inhalation is anti-inflammatory, its active ingredient triamcinolone acetonide. So far, there is no generic brand available. Azmacort needs to be used on a regular basis and will manifest beneficial effects in about four weeks. The drug must be used in accordance with the physician’s directions, and may require the use of a spacer to ensure the medication reaches the lungs. If the maximum dosage has been reached within a 24-hour period without providing relief, a serious asthma attack may be imminent and medical help should be sought.

Azmacort: Its Real Use

Contraindicated to the use of Azmacort is the presence of any type of infection, because the steroid will inhibit the body’s ability to combat viral, bacterial or fungal onslaughts. It is unknown whether Azmacort may have deleterious effects on an unborn baby or if passed through breast milk and has been classified as pregnancy category C by the Food and Drug Administration. It has not been approved for children under six years old.

If a bronchodilator (i.e. Ventolin or Tornalate) is prescribed together with Azmacort, it is suggested that the steroid should be used after the bronchodilator to maximize the absorption of the triamcinolone in the lungs. Azmacort is not a substitute for oral steroids. Follow the directions of the doctor in using the inhaler and do not double the dose in case of missed doses. Although the possibility of an
overdose is unlikely, it may heighten the side effects of the drug.

Side Effects

The typical side effects of Azmacort include dryness or yeast infections of the mouth, nose or throat after use of the inhaler, sore throat, wheezing, tearing up of the eyes, glaucoma, headaches, loss of taste or smell, stunted growth in children and cataracts with long-term use. Effects considered serious and would entail the immediate discontinuation of its use include allergic reactions, numbness
or pain, open sores or bruising and acute respiratory distress.


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