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Biaxin or Clarithromycin is an effective antibiotic that fights off bacterial infection that causes pneumonia, tonsillitis, stomach ulcers, bronchitis, sinusitis and skin infections. However, Biaxin should only be used against infections clearly caused by bacteria (and not viral infections such as flu) to ensure its effectiveness and lessen the risk of developing bacteria that is drug-resistant.

This medication can be taken in with or without food and only at constant intervals to allow the antibiotics to work effectively. Doctors usually recommend that it be taken twice a day with a 12-hour interval. Patients should take the exact dosage and frequency as prescribed by the doctor even if the symptoms have been reduced. Otherwise, bacteria may continue to grow and can cause a relapse of the
bacterial infection.

Bioxin can interact with the following medications and can result to heartbeat irregularities and other serious side effects:

* Antihistamines
* terfenadine or Seldane
* astemizole or Hismanal
* Medications for seizures
* Carbamazepine or Tegretol
* Phenytin or Dilatin
* Valproic acid or Depakote/Depakene
* Medications for asthma
* Theophylline or Theolar/Theocron
* Blood thinners or anticoagulants
* Warafrin or Coumadin
* Antipsychotic drug
* Pimozide or Orap
* Mediation for gastroesophageal reflux
* Cisapride or Propulsid
* Medications for heart problems
* Digoxin or Lanoxin
* Disopyramid or Norpace
* Medication for migraine
* Ergotamine or Ergostat
* Dihydroergotamine or D.H.E.
* Benzodiazepines
* Diazepam or Valium
* Triazolam or Halcion
* Alprazolam or Xanax


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