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Bipolar disorder


Bipolar disorder is basically a psychiatric condition that is suggested by frequent and violent changes in mood. People with bipolar disorder are often referred to as manic depressives. In reality, though, this disorder can cause depression (which is not always verbally expressed) and can also cause mania, the extent of which can be boundless. Bipolar disorder has been categorized into three basic types- Bipolar I, Bipolar II and cyclothymia. In all these cases, the victim goes through stages of mania, hypomania and also a third stage that lies in between the two. Until very recently, Bipolar disorder was known as Bipolar affective disorder and this name actually replaced that of manic depressive illness (phrase coined by Emil Kraepelin).


The symptoms of Bipolar disorder can be noticed in the victim with the onset of adolescence. Most common symptoms are that of distress and even disruption in normal behavioral processes. Experts are of the opinion that Bipolar disorder is the most usual reason behind suicidal thoughts and the act itself. There are several things that may cause this disorder and the usual include genetics and even environment. Malfunctioning of the nervous system, in general, can also cause Bipolar disorder. Symptoms of this disorder are often divided into two halves by experts, namely, the manic phase and the depressive phase.


There are various treatments that are given to cure the condition called Bipolar disorder and the three most well- known methods include treatment through antibiotics, therapy and counseling. Usually, the drugs that are prescribed to treat the disorder are known as mood stabilizers. Lithium and sodium valproate are the most common mood stabilizers. Treatment of Bipolar disorder can also be done by the use of antipsychotic drugs. Many psychiatrists also prescribe antidepressants, though, in recent times the frequency has gone down. In severe cases, the victim might be required to be hospitalized even.


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