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Buspar is an anti-anxiety medicine which is normally used to treat problems such as tension and accompanying fluttering of heart, irritability, dizziness and similar symptoms which are related to unnatural nervousness.

If your kidney or liver do not function normally, then it is not advisable for you to take Buspar. In any case, you should not continue taking this medicine for more than four weeks at a stretch.

If you have taken any MAO inhibiter, then it might become life threatening if you take Buspar before the MAO has completely cleared out from your body. Moreover, do not consume alcohol while you are on a Buspar therapy. It may increase the side effects of the medicine. Grape juice also does not go well with Buspar. So, consult your doctor before consuming grapes if you are taking Buspar.

There are many drugs which have unwanted effects if used with Buspar. Instead of providing a list of such drugs here, it is suggested that you tell your doctor the details of the medicines you may be consuming at the moment. While giving him the detailed information, ensure that it genuinely remains “detailed’. Do not forget to mention the vitamins or the calcium tablets or the antacids that you take regularly. Leave it to the doctor to determine what is relevant and what is not. Unless you are a qualified medical practitioner, it is always a wise thing to provide all the minutest details to the doctor and leave it to him to decide the best course of

Buspar generally slows down your reaction or response time. So, it is better to avoid driving while you are on this medicine.

If you have missed a dose, take it as soon as you realize that you have missed a dose. But if the time for the next dose is very near, then skip the missed dose altogether. Never ever take an overdose of this medicine, and in case you have taken an overdose through mistake or oversight, seek immediate emergency medical attention.

When you take Buspar you may have a slightly upset stomach, or feel drowsy or have a slightly blurred vision. You might also feel restless and have trouble concentrating or have troubled sleep. These are the normal side effects of Buspar and should not be a cause of unnecessary worry.

But if your heart starts beating fast or you feel that you may faint at any moment, call your doctor immediately. Also if you feel that your body balance is getting hampered or start feeling unusually depressed, do not waste a single moment and
seek emergency medical attention.


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