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The term ‘cancer’ is used to denote a large variety of diseases having one thing in common – abnormal growth of cells. There is an abnormally fast division of cells in a cancerous body. Such cells, far exceeding the normal limits, invade the neighboring tissues and systems, thereby destroying their respective functions as well. At one point of time, the entire body system refuses to perform their functions properly. This makes cancer such a lethal thing.

With the passage of time, cancer is becoming more of a household thing. Every other house today reports cases of cancer. The most common types of cancer that takes a huge toll are lung cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and leukemia. Of these, lung cancer takes the highest number of lives per year. In men, prostrate cancer has been found to be the most common type of cancer. Its female counterpart is breast cancer. Adolescents and young children too suffer from cancer. Leukemia is increasingly being found to take a heavy toll on such children.

Common symptoms of Cancer

It is often too late in proper diagnosis of cancer. The symptoms of cancer, however, have broadly been divided under three categories:
• Local Symptoms – abnormal swelling or lump (tumor), pain, ulceration, hemorrhage.
• Symptoms of spreading (metastasis) – enlargement of liver or/and lymph nodes, cough, pain in bone, neurological problems, etc.
• Systemic Symptoms – loss of weight and wasting, lack of appetite, anemia, abnormal sweating, abnormal hormonal changes, etc.

What causes Cancer?

Science has not yet been able to have full grasp over this particular disease. Else, it would cease remaining as lethal as it is today. The causes of cancer too, consequently, are not totally known to us. However several carcinogens have been identified such as tobacco, several chemicals, radiations, etc. Genetic inheritance too is suspected to be a potent cause of cancer.

Fighting the menace – the branch of Oncology

Oncology is the branch that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and eradication initiatives of cancer. Thick and fast research has been going on for a long time now. There are also records of huge breakthroughs in the field. Several types of cancer today have been declared to be not life threatening, though a pancreatic cancer or lung cancer, for instance, rarely have any remedy to save the life of the patient.


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