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Chantrix or Varenecline is the newest pill on the block intended for those who want to be rid of their nicotine addiction and as a result, their smoking habits. However, most people who use Chantrix also get counseling and behavior modification support. It is recommended that a person should take this medication a week before he plans to quit.

Taking more than the prescribed dose will not increase the potency of Chantrix so patients should strictly follow the prescribed dosage and the length with which it is supposed to be taken in (usually it is to be taken in for 12 weeks for maximum effect) . Doctors usually prescribe a lower dose for those who are taking the medicine for the first time. The dose will be increased gradually so it is best to closely coordinate with your doctor when taking Chantrix. While there are no known symptoms for overdose of Chantrix, it is best to tell your doctor about a possible overdose.

It is important that Chantrix is taken in regularly (and always after meals) during the prescribed period. If you miss a dose then it should be taken in immediately. However if you remembered it near the time you are supposed to take the next dose then it is recommended that the missed dose should be foregone and the next dose taken as scheduled.

The good thing about Chantrix is that a patient can take it without any restriction on food or beverage. However, it is important to have the kidneys checked regularly to make sure that the body is reacting to it positively. A person undergoing dialysis or who is pregnant should also inform his doctor about the
condition since it may have an adverse effect on the unborn child.

Among the known side effects of Chantrix are:

* Allergic reactions (breathing difficulty and swelling)
* Stomach pain
* Constipation or gas
* Weakness
* Nausea
* Increase in appetite
* Headache
* Insomnia or other sleeping problems

Patients should inform their doctors if they are taking blood thinners, asthma medications like Theophylline, insulin, as well as all other prescription or herbal medications.

Chantix was developed by Pfizer specifically to help nicotine addicts stop smoking by blocking nicotine from attaching to brain receptors. The medicine itself does not
contain nicotine.


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