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Clozaril contains an active substance derived from a diazepam compound and it can be found in boxes of 50 pills, containing 25 mg active substance, or in boxes of 50 pills containing 100 mg active substance. It is an anti psychotic agent.

How does it work?

It has been proved that clozaril does not induce catalepsy and does not inhibit stereotypical behavior induced by amphetamines. It has a slight blocking action upon dopamine receptors and it can inhibit arousal reaction. From the clinical point of view, clozaril produces a rapid sedation especially in the case of patients suffering from schizophrenia who are resistant to other medication.


Clozaril absorption is not influenced by alimentation; therefore it can be taken before, after or during a meal. It can be taken two times a day and the distribution
volume is 1.6 l per body.

Counter indications

Clozaril is not recommended if the patient manifests an allergic reaction to one of its ingredients or if the bone marrow does not work properly, as well as in the case of alcoholic patients who manifest psychotic behavior. Besides it is not recommended, as well in the case of intoxications, depression, comma, hepatic, renal or cardiac insufficiency.


You shouldn’t take in the same time with clozaril medicines that can lead to harmful consequences upon bone marrow, or other anti psychotic pills whose action can be extended, because they can’t be immediately eliminated from the body and can have unwanted effects. In addition only those patients whose leucocytes number is normal can take these pills. If you develop an infection or you have got fever, you have to let the doctor know immediately. You can be as well careful if your blood pressure is oscillator as clozaril can lead to low blood pressure which can end in cardiac stop. Therefore these patients should take doses corresponding to their health condition.

Side effects

Patients who take clozaril can be sleepy and dizzy and they can have head ache. Besides, they can have their mouth dry and sight trouble, as well as heart or blood flow dysfunctions. As far as digestive system is concerned, patients can get sick or constipated and rarely do they develop allergic reactions visible on their skin. Furthermore, they can put on weight.


Each dose should be adapted individually. Therefore each patient will take the minimum dose which can be efficient for his or her needs. Any dose increase will be
strictly supervised by the doctor.


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