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Coumadin belongs to a class of anticoagulants and it helps in reducing the blood clots as well as it is very helpful in the prevention of heart attacks, blood clots in the arteries and veins and also strokes.

Information you should know

• This medication has the potential to cause defects to the unborn baby, so if you are pregnant you are advised against using this medication.
• Never take your own dosage, just go by the prescription.
• If you are planning to have a surgery then, you need to stop this medication temporarily and you should let your surgeon about your taking of Coumadin medication.
• Before starting this medication, you should let your doctor know if you are suffering from some serious illness like kidney disease, or liver disease etc.
• Coumadin is known to interact with majority of the medications, and some them can be very fatal, it is always important that you take your doctor into confidence about taking of Coumadin so that he can prescribe drugs that do not interfere with Coumadin and cause complications.
• Never take an NSAID along with Coumadin as the majority of these medications have very serious implications like they may affect the clotting process and lead to bleeding from the intestines in the stomach..
• You should completely avoid the cranberries in either form in solid or as a juice.
• You should strictly avoid any alcohol because there are a multiple complications because of alcohol ingestion.
• At last but not the lead try and avoid smoking or chewing tomorrow and tobacco is known toe alter the way Coumadin works and may cause some treatment problems.

Directions for dosage

• You should take all the dosages with a glass full of water and it is very important that you take the drug everyday at the same time and it can be taken with or without food.
• It is important to take Coumadin daily at the same hour or time. Coumadin can be ingested without taking food or even after taking food.
• You should take Coumadin religiously at the same time to derive the best possible benefit from this drug.
• Never stop the Coumadin abruptly and without taking your doctor into confidence.
• You should have your blood tested at regular intervals to check if this drug is working or not to see if the blood has really thinned or is it the same.


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