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Schools start cancer vaccinations

Scottish schoolgirls are to become the first in the UK to be vaccinated against cervical cancer. Read more…

August 31st, 2008

Gene ‘links food and fertility’

A genetic link controlling both appetite and fertility has been found by US researchers. Read more…

August 31st, 2008

Hopes raised for block on cancer

Scientists say they have taken a big step towards blocking a chemical vital to the growth of many cancers. Read more…

August 31st, 2008

Fish Oil Supplements Help With Heart Failure

SUNDAY, Aug. 31 — Daily supplements of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids — the kind found in fish oil — reduced deaths and hospitalizations of people with heart failure, an Italian study found.But a cholesterol-lowering statin drug had no… Read more…

August 31st, 2008

Brain ‘Master Switch’ May Control Appetite, Fertility

SUNDAY, Aug. 31 — A new study has found a “master switch” in the brain of mice that helps control both body weight and fertility.It is well known that body weight and fertility are related to each other: Women who are too thin, for example, often… Read more…

August 31st, 2008
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