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Cancer protection secret revealed

Scientists claim to have discovered a missing link in the way cells protect themselves against cancer. Read more…

January 31st, 2009

Reading Creates ‘Simulations’ In Minds

A study provides new insights about what’s going on in your head when you crack open a good book. Jeff Zacks, associate professor of psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, talks about the study. Read more…

January 31st, 2009

Sharp rise in China birth defects

Pollution in China has caused an alarming rise in the number of babies with birth defects, a senior official says. Read more…

January 31st, 2009

Variations in Gene DNA Boost Drinkers’ Cancer Risk (HealthDay)

HealthDay – FRIDAY, Jan. 30 (HealthDay News) — Variations in the DNA of
certain genes can increase the risk of cancer in people who drink alcohol,
according to researchers who reviewed studies on alcohol consumption,
genetic polymorphisms and cancer. Read More..

January 31st, 2009

Pfizer pancreatic cancer drug fails, trial halted (Reuters)

Reuters – Pfizer Inc, in its latest research setback, said on Friday it stopped a late stage study of an experimental drug to treat advanced pancreatic cancer after an independent monitoring board found no evidence that it prolongs survival. Read More..

January 31st, 2009
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