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Depression is a state of serious medical disorder that affects the brain. It is also called at times as clinical depression, major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, or unipolar disorder. However all of these refer to a state marked by the symptoms of loss of interest in acts that one used to cherish, sadness, abnormal change of weight, abnormal loss of energy, lack of sleep, a deep feeling of frustration and unworthiness, and thoughts of suicide. Depression should not be mistaken with a feeling of the ‘blues’ for a couple of days or so. It is a much intense and critical state.

Why Depression?

There are certain types of depression that run in a family. This suggests that a biological vulnerability can come down the blood line. However it is not mandatory that all such people with similar genetic set up with suffer from depression. Several factors such as too much stress at home or work place, etc. act as the trigger agents for depression. Similarly, a person suffering from depression may have a family history that doesn’t show any instance of depression prior to her/him. Depression is also common to people who have extremely low self-esteem or are always haunted by a perennial feeling of inferiority. Recent behavioral studies have revealed that physical changes can bring about psychological changes in a person. This explains the vulnerability of people who have been paralyzed by a stroke or accident, or people (especially women) with out of proportion figures, and the like towards depression.

Managing Depression

Firstly, a person should be clinically tested to see whether s/he is actually suffering from depression or it is the effect of some medication, or other sorts of diseases. There are several medications that are potent anti-depressant. But other methods such as electroconvulsive treatment are applied in cases where the person cannot take the medicinal path. One of the most important points in this regard is psychological support, often under the instance of a professional councilor.


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