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A constant exposure to the elements of nature is enough to weaken the upper skin layers, making the entire skin vulnerable to a large variety of problems; dermatitis is a common condition arising from such situations. The term dermatitis is a general one that represents any kind of inflammation of the skin, including seborrheic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis; it’s other name being eczema. The symptoms of dermatitis are usually a swollen patch on the skin that gets both reddened and itchy. However, it is not a contagious or life threatening disease though very much an uncomfortable skin condition.

Information you should know

The several types of dermatitis are enlisted below:

    i) Contact dermatitis: direct contact with an irritant or an allergen can initiate the whole process within a short period.

    ii) Neuro-dermatitis: Often caused by tight garments when they rub or scratch the skin causing an itch.

    iii) Stasis dermatitis: It occurs due to fluid retention in the tissue layer beneath the skin, interfering the blood’s natural process of nourishing the skin.

    iv) Atopic dermatitis: Mostly occurs from allergies, asthma or hay fever during childhood and takes form with age.

    v) Seborrheic dermatitis: Becomes evident from red rashes with oily, yellowish scales and occur mostly among people with neurological disorders.

    vi) Perioral dermatitis: A form of skin disorder known as rosacea or adult acne and occurs around the mouth and/or nose and caused by un-cleaned cosmetics and dental products with fluoride content.

Each one of these has its own distinct sign and symptoms; the common ones are redness, skin lesions, swelling and itching. And though medications are found in umpteen numbers in most of the well-known medical shops, there are certain home based remedies that work wonders for the cure of dermatitis.

Directions for fighting dermatitis

Fighting dermatitis requires avoiding junk food and also building up a healthy habit of eating fresh fruits rich in fibers. That includes fruits like raw nuts and carrot juice; application of pure coconut oil on the skin before applying make-up instead of alcohol based products is also recommended. Coconut oil application on the infected area is also encouraged to soothe up dry, patched skin.

Following the above home-based treatments can make one achieve a fast recovery. But then again, a doctor’s advice is always to be followed and if the dry skin lasts even after applying the home medications, it’s better to see the doctor.


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