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The Detrol La medicine falls under extended release variety of capsules that is available in the form of 2mg and 4mg tablets. It comprises Tolterodine Tartrate as its primary ingredient and its other ingredients include sucrose, hypromellose, starch, ethyl cellulose and oleic acid apart from medium-chain tri-acyl-glycerols, gelatin, FD&C Blue (2) and yellow iron oxide, the latter being found only in the 2mg capsules.

Information you should know

Detrol LA is for treating OAB or an over-active bladder. This is determined by studying symptoms like urged urinary incontinence, urgency of urination and increased frequency. DETROL LA calms and relieves the urinary bladder muscle to reduce the sudden, frequent urges for urination and stays effective for 24 hours. A dry mouth is the most common side effect; other side effects are headache, constipation and abdominal pain. Doctor’s prescribe Detrol LA only if OAB is detected in a patient and is not used on an experimental basis. It is not recommended for people with certain chronic stomach disorders, glaucoma and with trouble urinating. Else, DETROL LA is a well-tolerated medicine.

Certain medicines conflict if taken with Detrol LA, hence, the physician must know in prior if the patient is under any other medication(s). That includes both prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines; certain vitamins and commercially available herbal supplements which have counter-ingredients for Tolterodine Tartrate, sucrose, oleic acid, starch, ethyl cellulose, hypromellose and medium chain tri-acyl-glycerols. It’s also recommended to exercise the pelvic floor muscles to increase urine retention capabilities. Also, consumption of spicy foods, citrus fruits and juices, chocolate and tomato-based foods must be reduced before the therapy starts. It is also recommended to keep under check the consumption of
certain beverages like coffee, tea, cola, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Directions for taking Detrol

DETROL LA is to be administered orally and is mostly prescribed on a one every day basis and it serves the best if continued that way. There’s no hard and fast rule regarding timely consumption but a common time for administration reduces the chance of missing out on a dose. However, since Detrol LA gives slightly varied results, the body should be allowed first to get adjusted to it, which may require anything between a few days and a few months. DETROL LA can also be taken in an empty stomach (as a whole) with water. Consumption is prohibited with alcohol, coffee, tea, cola or any other sort of carbonated drinks that may excite the
central nervous system.


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