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Diovan, or Co-Diovan is an Angiotensin II receptor antagonists with a diuretic agent available in a pointed, film-coated and oval tablet form that is also the most prescribed brand in its own class of high blood pressure controlling medications. It is also called an Angiotensin II receptor blocker or an ARB.1. The 80mg. Diovan is pale-red while the 160mg and 320mg ones are gray-orange and gray-violet in color respectively. The components of the medicine are Valsartanum and Hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic.

Information you should know

Diovan, till date, excelled as the only cardiovascular agent with all the proven benefits of an ACE inhibitor and is meant for treating high blood pressure hypertension and/or cardiac failure. Diovan also reduces the risks of premature death following heart attack at least by 25% and can easily replace the placebo or the sugar pill. The medicine blocks the effects of Angiotensin II (a hormone responsible for the narrowing of blood vessels) and relaxes the blood vessels, thus allowing the heart to work with ease. The medicine also lowers blood pressure. However, medical help is advised if any allergic reactions (swellings; rapid weight gains); irregular heartbeats; more water retention; Jaundice; Dehydration, drowsiness, restlessness and confusion, nausea and vomiting, fainting and/or convulsions show up. Those who are allergic to valsartan or those who urinate less must let the doctor know the conditions beforehand. It applies to people with kidney and liver disorders as well. It is not
recommended for pregnant women or new mothers.

One must avoid alcohol while being under Diovan treatment to prevent blood pressure from falling down beyond the permissible limits and also to stop certain side effects from taking place. Potassium supplements are to be stopped as well as any diuretic, over-the-counter medications and other vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. Following the suggestions shall make even the post-heart attack patients tolerant of Diovan to the maximum degree.

In case you are on a Diovan medication, inform your doctor about it prior to him prescribing another medication for treating a different symptom. The suggestion applies more to pregnant women, though clinical studies on the medicine have shown side effects that are generally brief and mild.

Directions for taking Diovan

The medication functions best when administered in exact doses prescribed, preferably with 8 ounces of water every time. The dosage is to be taken once daily though there is no specific time, either on an
empty or a filled stomach.


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