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Fosamax comes under the type of medications called bisphophonates. The medication is used to slow down bone loss in the body and also increases bone mass. Hence the medication can be used to prevent bone factures as well as treating Pagets disease which happens to the bones.

Instructions for use

After taking the medication sit upright for at least 30 minutes after taking the medication. This is because the medication may cause problems in the stomach if you don’t sit upright. The medication should be taken first thing in the morning and 30 minutes before you eat or drink something. Fosamax should be taken with a glass full of water. The medication should not be taken with plain water; it should be taken with mineral water.

There are some cases where people who have taken Fosamax have experienced bones loss in the jaw. This condition is known as osteonecrosis. The patient may then experience symptoms such as gum infection as well as pain the teeth and the jaw. People may also experience dental problems and blood clotting disorders as

Hence we see that Fosamax is not complete treatment for bone loss. There should be other measures to be taken as well like a proper diet as well as a taking vitamin supplements and even calcium. Proper exercise every day is also recommendable.

Instructions for dosage

Fosamax should be taken exactly as per the prescription of the doctor. The medication should not be taken in larger or lesser amounts than what the doctor has prescribed. The tablet has to be taken once every day or once every week depending on the extent and nature of bone loss. The tablet should be taken preferably in the morning 30 minutes before you drink or eat. Even if you take Fosamax once a week the tablet should be taken on the same day and more or less the same time. The tablet should be taken with a glass full of water. You should swallow the tablet whole and you should not crush the tablet.

If you miss a dose

The medicine should be taken in the morning. If you forget to take the dose in the morning then don’t take it during the later part of the day. Take the dose next morning. Do not take an extra dose to make up for the missed dose.

If you overdose

You may observe side effects such as stomach pain, muscle cramps and numbness if you overdose. If these symptoms persist then you should seek medical help


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