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Human body is referred to as a divine creation because of its high degree of complexity. And of all our body parts our gastrointestinal tract forms one of the most complex parts. It is longest channel inside our body, extending right from our mouth, which is an orifice for intake, right up to our anus and rectum. In between this tract performs many functions related to digestion, absorption as well as excretion. And as this tract is such a long and complicated one, it is especially vulnerable to many diseases.

Diseases Affecting Gastrointestinal Tract

Most common disease to affect our gastrointestinal tract is ulcers. Ulcers are especially painful and cause severe pain inside gastrointestinal tract. This disease is mainly caused by a bacterium which resides in acidic areas of esophagus and is known as peptic ulcer. Another disease that is usually found to be afflicting joint between stomach and esophagus is Mallory-Weiss syndrome. In this case a tear occurs in this tract as a result of severe retching, vomiting or coughing, leading to passing of blood through vomit and stool. Addiction to alcohol might also lead to this problem.

How to Prevent Gastrointestinal Diseases

As has been mentioned before also, gastrointestinal tract performs important functions related to digestion and absorption of food. Consequentially, care has to be paid to what type of food is ingested by us. Too much spicy or acidic food can harm gastrointestinal tract leading to cases of severe peptic ulcer. Also heavy intake of alcohol and other such substances should be meticulously avoided. And in case you are afflicted by some disease of gastrointestinal tract, proper medical advice should be immediately sought and adequate remedial measures taken.

So for leading a proper healthy life it is imperative for us to take proper care of our gastrointestinal tract which acts as a medium of exchange for nutrients for our body. And by following a few simple guidelines we can easily assure ourselves of relief from any types of gastrointestinal problems.


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