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Gout is name by which medical condition metabolic arthritis is more commonly known and referred to. Under certain conditions, metabolism of uric acid does not take place inside our bodies in a proper manner increasing their concentration inside blood stream. In case of such a disorder, uric acid crystals which are mainly monosodium urate are not excreted effectively from body and they get deposited in joints. These deposits are mostly concentrated in cartilages of joints and neighboring tendons and tissues leading to inflammation in afflicted region and release of these deposits as a chalky material by routes of sinuses after they crack through skin.

Diagnosis of Gout

Gout can be first detected by means of its symptoms which include swelling of affected region, accompanied by severe pain. This pain is internal; as well as external. This means that not only there is excruciating pain whenever afflicted joint is moved; pain also results if sore and inflamed skin over that area is as much as touched. Along with this pain a slight fever is also another symptom. After presence of symptoms is detected, further clinical tests can confirm whether it is a case of gout or not.

Treatment and Prevention of Gout

As intense internal and external pain is first manifestation of an attack of gout, consequentially treatment should begin by providing relief from this excruciating pain. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines or indomethacin and intra articular glucocorticoids are usually used for this purpose. Ointments and icepacks can also be used effectively. Several drugs like Febuxostat and Probenecid (in combination with colchinine) helps in not only treating but also preventing attacks of gout. Surgery is a last resort. Sodium bicarbonate was used in older times.

Best way to prevent gout is by cutting down on intake of substances like caffeine, beer and even chocolates which are known to promulgate attacks of gout. As gout is one of most painful afflictions it is better to be safe than sorry in its case.


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