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Growth Hormone


Human growth hormone is a hormone which directly influences the growth of cells, bones, muscles and organs in the body.

It is produced in the pituitary gland inside the brain and is produced in abundance. Production of the growth hormone starts when a baby is born and peaks during adolescence when growth rate is accelerated. Daily secretion reduces as age advances. Growth hormone is also called somatropin.

Significance of Human Growth Hormone

When a child brain secretes insufficient amounts of the human growth hormone he remains a dwarf and too much makes him a giant. When a child or individual has in sufficient levels of the growth hormone medications need to be introduced to supplement the natural production. When the natural secretion is too much it has to be suppressed.

Forms of Medication

To correct deficiencies of Human Growth Hormone medication can be prescribed. This Human Growth Hormone medication can be in the firm of a sub-lingual spray, which is taken under the tongue. It could also be in tablet form or as injectable HGH – Human Growth Hormone form. Of all the various forms of medication the injectable form is said to be the most effective and can be taken by
sub-coetaneous or intramuscular injection.

Other uses of Human Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone can be used for other treatment aside from increasing height and growth. Growth hormones can be used to improve muscle strength and reduce body fat. It has been shown to be of help in Aids patients as it maintains muscle mass. Growth hormone is also used for patients with short bowel syndrome to lessen the need for intravenous nutrition. It has also been claimed to slow the ageing process.

Side Effects

In adults side effects could include, joint pain, fluid retention and compression symptoms. It has also been indicated with weak evidence that growth hormone
treatment increases the risk of diabetes and cancer.


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