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Hair Loss


Hair loss is a very general term used that is used by people to refer to loss of hair from regions where they are usually present. Hairs thinning and balding are different forms of hair loss. To speak in more scientific terms hair loss has several distinct forms. It differs from male of species to female of species. Technical terms of hair loss are androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), alopecia aerata(loss of some hair from head), alopecia totalis(complete hair loss on head) and alopecia universalis(complete loss of hair from whole body).

Causes behind Hair Loss

Hair loss is an age old problem which has invited a lot of research from many sectors. Most common type of hair loss that is to be found on males is loss of hair from lateral sides. Research has shown that this is due to increase in DHT, a sex hormone. DHT, while leading to proliferation of hair in other parts, causes hair loss in scalp region. This generally is an indicator of maturing of men and is genetic in nature. There are other causes for hair loss as well. These include traumatic alopecia, which refers to physical tearing out of hair and drug related alopecia, in which hair loss is a result of some medication.

Treatment of Hair Loss

Various medicines have been researched in order to treat age old problem of hair loss. One reason behind such intensive research is that hair loss has several psychological implications. As far as medications are considered only minoxidil and finasteride, which is available in market under name of Propecia, are drugs for treatment of hair loss which have been approved of by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Hair loss has always been a problem which have more of psychological than physical implications. And it will continue to remain so though we can hope that medical science will make more advancements towards its treatment in future.


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