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Contrary to what its name suggests, hay fever is not like other common fevers which we are aware of. In fact hay fever is an allergic condition which is precipitated by presence of various allergy causing agents which are also known as allergens. In most cases pollen of certain plants, which are seasonal in nature, and dust particles as well as some chemicals act as allergens. In technical terms it is known as rhinitis. In common parlance it is referred to as ‘hay fever’ because it is found to occur most frequently during season of haying.

What Causes Hay Fever?

It has already been mentioned that rhinitis or hay fever is an allergic reaction to certain specific allergens by human body. But question which arises is as to how these allergens are able to reach our body. Answer to this is that all these allergens which mainly include animal dander, mold, pollen of wind and insect pollinated plants, chemical particles et al are all air borne material which reaches us via air which we breathe. When these allergens enter our body, antibody production is started inside us. Antibodies are mostly found bound to mast cells which have histamine in them. When histamine is released due to attachment of anti bodies to mast cells, they trigger allergic reactions such as swelling, excess production of mucus, rashes and so on.

Treatment of Hay Fever

As such there is no specific treatment for hay fever as they are allergic conditions produced by different allergens which would require specific treatment. But precautions can easily be taken. Avoid sources of allergens which you know can induce allergic reactions in you. If you need to go close to them then use a face mask. Other precautions include not drying garments outdoors and maintaining a good hygiene.

These simple precautions will help you easily be safe and secure and will not allow you to be caught unawares when you need to go out close to sources of allergens and will thus keep you safe from hay fever.


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