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Heart disease


Of all body organs present inside human body, heart, along with brain, can be considered a very vital organ. Proper functioning of heart is absolutely essential for survival of humans. And heart along with being a vital organ, is a soft and vulnerable one too, which is prone to many diseases. It is duty of humans to take good care of heart and keeping all diseases at bay, as by doing so they can ensure longer and healthier lives for themselves.

Afflictions of Heart

It has already been mentioned that our heart is a very fragile organ and is susceptible to a whole horde of diseases, from whom it needs to be protected. To begin with, most common affliction to strike our hearts (no pun intended), and which often turns fatal is heart failure. In this case either heart is unable to receive deoxygenated blood from body or unable to supply oxygen blood to other organs. This leads to congestion, and often death. Angina is caused if there is shortage of oxygen in heart, and this could happen if enough blood is unable to come through atherosclerotic affected lungs. Myocardial infarction is most common and fatal disease affecting human hearts. If afflicted by this disease, cholesterol will block arteries. And this will lead to death of arteries from starvation of oxygen. These diseases are just tip of iceberg as there are many other diseases which can affect our heart.

Care for Heart

As it can be seen that heart can easily be afflicted by above diseases and more, in this case prevention is definitely better than cure. And one good way of taking proper care of heart is to eat a healthy diet and maintain personal hygiene. Too much stress can also lead to a heart conditions.

As a result of above observations it is important to protect heart which can be very easily done by following above guidelines and exercising some control over one’s lifestyle. And by doing so heart and body will stay healthy and fit for a longer time.


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