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Hoodia is a drug marketed and used for weight loss. It is very popular and is claimed to be very effective.

How it works

Hoodia when taken tricks the brain into believing that the blood sugar level is adequate thus making it feel there is no need for extra energy or food. So a person who uses Hoodia as a diet pill feels less need to eat. It therefore suppresses the appetite and leads to weight loss.


The popular Hoodia is derived from a succulent plant called Hoodia Gordonii that looks like a cactus plant. It primarily grows in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Angola. It takes five years for the plant of reach maturity and be harvested. There are over 13 types of the Hoodia
and it is active ingredient is the steroidal glycoside History of Hoodia Gordonii

It is claimed that the San Bushmen have been using Hoodia gordonii for years to suppress their appetite during long hunts and travels. This was noted in 1937 by a Dutch anthropologist. In 1963 Scientists in South Africa began studying the Hoodia. Lab animals were used to test the product and it was claimed that the animals had reduced appetites and thus lost weight when they were given Hoodia Gordonii.

Forms of Medication

Hoodia comes in powder, capsule, liquid or tea form. It is sold in health food stores and the internet.

Side Effects

Marketers are quick to say that the San Busmen used the Hoodia for many years and so the diet pill has no side effects. The truth is that enough substantial recorded tests have not been carried on the product to make that claim a fact. There are indications that Hoodia usage may have effects on the heart. It could also interact negatively with other drugs. Diabetes patients need to be careful with this drug.

Hoodia is believed to suppress thirst also. Unconfirmed reports claim some shepherds in Africa who took Hoodia died of dehydration because they did not fee
l thirsty.


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