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Hyalgan is a sterile, high-purified solution of sodium hyaluronate. Hyalgan is injected to the knee to ease patients who do not get relieved after taking painkillers, under going physiotherapy or exercise.

How it works

Hyalgan is a solution of sodium hyaluronate. Hyaluronate is naturally found in the body. In the keen joint it acts as a normal joint fluid. When there is a problem or a deficiency with this natural body chemical it causes one to experience pain in the knee joint. Hyalgan is injected directly into the knee to serve and provide lubricating and cushioning properties of a normal joint fluid. It thus reduces or eliminates knee pain, associated with Osteoarthritis.


Hyalgan is a fluid solution constituting of a high molecular weigh (500,000-730,000 Daltons) fraction of purified natural sodium hyaluronate in buffered physiological sodium chloride, having a pH of 6.8-7.5 and is indicated for the treatment of pain
in Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee.


Hyalgan is a local treatment that can be administered in your doctor’s office. The treatment circle consists of 3-5 injections, depending on the patient, giving at weekly intervals. The injections are administered directly into the knee. A treatment course can provide relief up to 6 months. If the patient experiences knee pain again, the treatment can be safely administered again.
Hyalgan is a therapy of treatment, not a drug.

Side Effects

The usual side effects are mild, rare and don’t usually last long. They include local injection pain and/or swelling. In about 14 years of its clinical use with about 10 million injections, reported cases of allergic reactions to the administration of
Hyalgan is very rare.


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