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Hypertension is commonly called as high blood pressure. It is marked by a chronic increase in blood pressure. It has broadly been classified as essential (or primary) and secondary. When no specific medical cause can be found for the increase in blood pressure, it is referred to a essential hypertension. In case of secondary hypertension, the increase in blood pressure stems from some other malfunctioning of the body system. Hypertension, if persists for long, can be lethal, causing stroke, heart attack (even heart failure), renal failure, and several other critical conditions. In case of severe hypertension, i.e. when the blood pressure is more than 50% more than the normal range, a person cannot expect to survive for more than a few days, unless it is treated and the pressure is brought down.

Causes and risk factors of Hypertension

There are several reasons behind a person’s suffering from hypertension. Some of the causes are out of one’s control, such as increase in age and genetic factors (including family history). However there are several factors that can effectively be managed in order to keep hypertension at bay. These include excessive weight, lack of proper physical activity, addictions such as tobacco and alcohol, too much intake of sodium in diet, inadequate potassium in diet, too much stress, etc.

How manage Hypertension?

Though hypertension is fast taking the form of nothing short of an epidemic, it can effectively be managed. In case a person is suffering from hypertension or has the tendency of hypertension, s/he should regularly consult a physician. Following a proper diet chart and effective stress management does wonder in quick recovery from hypertension. The person should also keep from taking excessive alcohol and reduce smoking habit. As a matter of fact, a healthy lifestyle always reduces the risk of getting hypertension.


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