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Proper balance of thyroxin hormone in the body is very essential. Both over secretion and under secretion of this hormone from the thyroid gland result in diseased conditions. Hypothyroidism, as the name itself suggests, is the condition of the body marked by a below normal production and secretion of the thyroxin hormone in the body. The main task of this hormone is to regulate the body’s metabolism. Consequently hypothyroidism results in slow metabolism. Millions of Americans suffer from this ailment. Women are more prone to this particular problem.

What causes Hypothyroidism?

There are two very common causes of this disease. The first and the most common is some sort of previous (or current) inflammation of the thyroid gland. This causes damage to a good number of cells in the gland. Consequently there is a decrease in the production of the hormone. The other potential cause of hypothyroidism is earlier medical treatments. Treatment of several thyroid conditions involves surgical removal of parts from the thyroid gland. I case he remaining mass of the thyroid gland is incapable of meeting the demands of total thyroxin hormone supply in the body, it may result in hypothyroidism. There are also rare causes like the pituitary gland disturbing the production of the hormone in an otherwise normal thyroid gland. But such cases as this are very rare.

How prevent/cure it?

There are several common symptoms that prove helpful in detecting hypothyroidism at an early stage. Some of them are physical fatigue, constipation, joint pains, gain in weight, brittle hair, general paleness of the body, etc. Leaving a few exceptions, hypothyroidism means a life long treatment. There are several medicines (thyroid tablets, both synthetic and bio-derived) specific to the cause which needs to be taken under the proper guidance of some medical practitioner.


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