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With the pace of our day to day life ever on an increase, a steep rise in tensions and stress faithfully accompanying the pace, insomnia has turned out to be the order (or disorder?) of the day. The term ‘insomnia’ refers to lack of proper amount of sleep or the inability to sleep at all. Insomnia has been detected to be broadly of three types – Transient Insomnia (lack of proper sleep for a duration of one night to a few weeks), Acute Insomnia (lack of proper sleep for a duration of three weeks to six months), and Chronic Insomnia (total sleeplessness for at least one month). Naturally, the third variety, i.e. chronic insomnia is the most dangerous of all. But, if not taken care of at an early stage, each type has the potential to develop into a really serious problem.

Why does it occur?

There are many reasons as to why this problem occurs in the first place. The most common reasons for developing insomnia are too much of stress, anxiety, and fear. Depression too is a very potential cause of insomnia. There are also other potent reasons such as effects of caffeine, medication, or bipolar disorder.

How get rid of it?

In order to get over the problem of insomnia, the most important thing is to know the underlying cause that is causing such problem. For instance, a person may get insomniac due to the loss of somebody who was very close to her/him. The person may not outwardly show the grief that s/he is feeling, but it takes toll on her/his sleeping potential. Once that is known, a proficient councilor can help the person get over it in time of a few sittings of counseling. As a matter of fact, this is the best possible way to get rid of the problem.

Apart from this, there are several sedative drugs that effectively help an insomniac to get some sleep. But these are almost all very harmful. Besides their effect on the nervous system, patients grow psychological dependence towards these sleeping pills. So, the best way is to boost the patient psychologically, find out the root of all these, and do away with it.


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