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Insulin is naturally secreted by the pancreas in human beings. Insulin is vital for the body in order to remove and use glucose from the blood. Glucose is, of course, required to derive energy for the cells of the body to carry out their normal functions efficiently. The dearth of insulin in the body is the cause of diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin at all and in type 2 diabetes, the body either does not produce enough insulin or does not consume the insulin properly. In the former case, insulin injections are indispensable and in the latter case, if the oral medications fail to have positive impact, then insulin injections are required to keep the insulin-levels in the body normal.

It may be possible that the body requires more than one type of insulin. Your doctor is in the best position to judge as to what kind of insulin you need. Insulin injections are usually taken several times a day. Do not stop injecting even if you feel absolutely normal unless your doctor says so. Always remember, insulin does not and cannot cure diabetes. It can only help keep the blood sugar levels under

While consulting your doctor, always let him know about the drug allergies or insulin allergies you might have. You should also inform him the drugs you have been taking for different ailments especially certain alpha-blockers, as the doctor has to assess whether or how much insulin is to be administered. The doctor should also be aware of any surgeries or injuries you might have had in the recent past. A good doctor will also let you know about the possible side effects of taking insulin shots along with the remedial actions required immediately (that do not require
medical attention).


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