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Ketamine is a drug used as anesthesia in surgical procedures. The drug is normally used before the surgery is conducted on the patient. It can also be used for certain procedures that do not require muscle relaxation. The drug should be used exactly as per the instructions of the doctor. The drug works by inhibiting certain pathways of the brain so that feeling of pain is subsidized.

You should always consult his doctor before taking the drug. You should refrain from taking the drug in case you are allergic to any ingredient in Ketamine. Also Ketamine may lead to increased blood pressure and hence it is best not to take the drug if you are not comfortable with increased blood pressure.

Medical Conditions

You should refrain from taking the drug in case you have any of the medical conditions stated below.

    * If you are allergic to any medicines, food and other substances.
    * If you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant soon.
    * If you are taking any prescription medications as well as other herbal or homeopathy medications.
    * If you had any injuries in the brain or any problems related to the heart like blood pressure.
    * If you drink alcoholic drinks regularly every day.


Always consult your health service provider if you are taking other mediations. Also consult your service provider whether taking Ketamine with other medications may have any adverse effects. Always consult your service provider before you start or stop to take any medication.

Using Ketamine

    * Ketamine should be used only after consulting the doctor properly.
    * The drug is usually administered through an injection.
    * See to it that the Ketamine vial is not cracked and the liquid does not appear discolored.
    * The drug should be kept well out of reach of small children.
    * The needles should not be used again. The syringes and the needles should be disposed off immediately after use.
    * The drug should not be taken on an empty stomach.
    * You should consult your doctor immediately if you miss a dose.
    * Refrain from driving a vehicle for 24 hour as Ketamine may induce drowsiness in an individual.

Side Effects

Ketamine may cause side effects in the patient like drowsiness, confusion, anxiety, nauseau and mood changes. If any of the side effects persist for long, you can consult your doctor immediately. Severe side effects may be sometimes experienced by the patient such as tightness in chest, swelling, pain and heaviness
in breathing.


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