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Levothroid is a synthetic product that is sued to treat hypothyroidism. The drug is available in 12 powers or strengths. The lowest strength capsule is 25 mcg and the highest strength capsule is 300 mcg. It is best to consult the doctor who can prescribe you the correct strength capsule after diagnosing your problem.


Patients with cardiovascular disease should take levothroid tablets with extreme care. If there is increase in chest pain, then the doctor may prescribe a lesser dosage to the patient. There are increased chances of the patient suffering from diabetes due to thyroid hormone. Hence adjustment of treatment measures has to be looked after by the doctor in case thyroid hormone therapy is done. If levothroid is used by the doctor for treating myxedema coma in the patient, then medications like glucocorticoids should also be administered by the doctor. The patient should not start taking the medication on his own. The medication should be taken only after taking the prescription of the doctor.

Even the creators of levothroid have said that since thyroid is a complicated part of the body, it will act differently in each individual. Hence any decisions regarding treatment of thyroid disorders in a patient should be taken only with the help of a
medical professional.

Factors for taking levothroid

The doctor may take into consideration a lot of factors while prescribing levothroid to his patient. These factors include the patient’s body weight, his age, his cardiovascular status as well as the patient’s pregnancy status. The doctor has to take the right decision when it comes to the strength of the dose, the power of the dose and the quantity of the dose which again varies according to individuals.


The medication is generally a single daily dose given to the patient. The dose is normally taken in the morning about half an hour to one hour before the patient eats his breakfast. Also levothroid has to be taken at least four apart from the other drug that may affect its absorption by the body. The peak effect of the drug might be seen after 4-6 weeks. Caution should be applied when administering levothroid to elder patients or patients with cardiovascular diseases history. The doctor may start the therapy in full replacement doses for patients who are less than 50 years old. The average full replacement dose is 7 mcg/kg/day, but elderly
patients may just require less than 1 mcg/kg/day.


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