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LSD is also known as lysergic acid diethylamide. The drug belongs to the hallucinogen type of drugs. LSD is responsible for causing hallucinations in people who use it. A person suffering from hallucinations may hear strange sounds, see strange images and feel sensations that are actually not there. The drug works by disrupting the normal function of the nerve cells for a while. The effect of the drug will wear out after a while but a person may become addicted to the drug. The drug was discovered in the year 1938 and the major constituent of the drug is ergot which is a fungus growing on rye and other similar grains.

Health Hazards

The effect of the drug can become deadly in the long run. A first time may experience the effect of the drug about 60-90 minutes after taking it. Apart from the effects mentioned above, the user may also experience physical effects such as dilated pupils, loss of appetite, insomnia and tremors. The user may experience different type of feelings at the same time. The user may also lose his sense of time. The experience that the user has by taking the drug is known as “trip” while the bad experience that the user has is known as a “bad trip”. The effect of the drug stays for about 12 hours. The user may also experience flashbacks all of a sudden. The drug is not known to be very addictive and many users may stop taking the drug after giving it a try. Hence it is not as dangerous as other addictive drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine and heroine. However the drug like other drugs increases the tolerance due to which the user might have to take
larger quantities of the drug than before to get the same effect.

Recreational use

The drug is known as a recreational drug. LSD has been taken by people from all strata of society. It has been used by medical professionals and psychiatrists to high flying officials to music bands like the Beatles. In fact the drug found popularity due to the Beatles. Paul McCartney from the Beatles used to make a lot of claims of the band taking LSD in media such as the newspapers and several interviews in television. LSD also became a recreational drug in other countries as
well such as Australia in the 1960s.


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