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Magnetic Therapy


Magnetic therapy is also known as magnet therapy or magnotherapy. Magnetic therapy involves therapy done with the help of magnetic fields. There are many magnetic products available in the market that re bought for relieving pain and other disorders. Some of the most common products used for magnetic therapy are magnetic bracelets, magnetic jewelry, ankles, blankets and even magnetized water. The therapy involves application of electromagnetic waves in order to treat the patient.


There has been a lot of research done on magnetic therapy and its efficacy. For example, studies have been done to see the effectiveness of magnetic therapy for wrist pain and lower back pain. The studies show that the therapy has not provided any health benefit to the patient.


There are quite strict laws for selling magnetic therapy products in countries such as USA. For example, in USA advertising is banned for those products that claim to
cure major diseases such as asthma, arthritis, AIDS and cancer.


There has been a lot of criticism for magnetic products from the scientific community. This is because the therapy lacks in scientific explanation for the benefits that it claims to offer. However the advocates of magnetic therapy have claimed that magnets do decrease pain up to a considerable level in patients but they have failed to provide any explanation as to how it occurs. Take for example the blind magnetic therapy where the patients are blindfolded while a magnetic bracelet is placed on that part of the body that is paining. The patient gets a positive impression that magnetic bracelet is working on the pain. Many times this positive thinking is the reason for reduced pain and not the magnetic bracelet itself.

Scientists also say that the magnetic field produced by the magnetic products is too weak to have a positive effect on the organs of the body. Also there has been no magnetic healing products manufacturer who has proved that their product can indeed reduce pain. Many manufacturers claim that magnets help to circulate blood better but this is not true because blood contains iron and iron is ferromagnetic and hence it is not affected by magnets. There is criticism for magnetic water as well because water itself is a diamagnetic material.

Hence we conclude that the benefits provide by magnetic products may not always
be true and it is upon the user to believe or not to believe the magnetic therapy.


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