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When they refer to meditation, Taoist masters compared it with lent. As well as physical pose purifies organic essences through stopping alimentation, mental meditation lent purifies your mind and activates spiritual capacities through removing thoughts and changing emotions to energy.

In both cases, purifying processes are natural and automatic, but in order to be triggered you must meet some conditions: emptying your physical body from any input for a few days or emptying your mental from any agitation (thoughts) for a few minutes.

How meditation works

You probably know that through the interior smile technique you can change your thoughts and negative emotions into energy with which you can feed your virtues. In those several minutes necessary for the technique, we get to detach from the exterior world, to get introvert and not to lose energy any more.

Taoist meditation, for example has several steps. The first one would be preserving and feeding the essence through diet and sexual discipline. The second step would be work with body essence or energy, known as chi Kung. The third step would be energies fusion, energies which are made of essence and their change into spiritual vitality. The result of subtle energies fusion is stopping energy loss, centering the entire energy system with the aid of this fusion energy sphere, which is located in the abdomen area. The sphere works like a magnet, and it does not allow its energy spread during our interaction with the surrounding

Meditation benefits

Memory loss and lack of concentration have become a common symptom; not only for old and sick people, but also healthy people face it if they live under stress conditions. Lack of concentration force is considered in occidental medicine as a senility symptom, being attributed to vital neurological and chemical substance reduction. Chinese medicine calls this condition ‘brain emptied of essence’.

Meditation stops energy waste to the exterior, increases production and cerebral essence circulation, increases cerebral energy level, strengthens the spirit and improves mental functions thus preventing mental decline associated usually with aging.

Introducing in our life these practices, half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening, we are not doing anything than extending our life span in a pleasant and healthy way. Maintaining our health all through our life helps us become independent and strong, being able to help people around us, without
being ever afraid of becoming a burden for our beloved persons.


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