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Pharmaceutical presentation

Medroxyprogesterone is usually found in pharmacies as acetate pills, 10 mg, in bottles of 30 pieces.

Therapeutic action

Medroxyprogesterone is a synthetic derived substance from progesterone. It is active if it is taken orally, and it provokes secretor changes favorable to fecundation. Another benefit of Medroxyprogesterone is that it favors the evolution of the placenta and inhibits uterine motility, stimulating the proliferation of the mammal alveolar tissue (it acts after a preliminary phase through estrogens). Besides, it can inhibit ovulation and it is able to correct dysfunctions caused by irregular menstruation, dysmenorrheal behavior, premenstrual syndrome, pre-menopause trouble, hemorrhages in uterine diseases.

Indications and use

It is in general indicated to teenager girls, who suffer from menstrual dysfunctions because of insufficient brain stimulus. It is recommended to take 1 pill, of 10 mg, every day, for 10 days. In the case of adult women whose menstruation is abundant before menopause or during genital period, it is recommended to be taken monthly, 1 pill per day during the last 5-10 days of the menstruation (after a preliminary treatment, during the first three weeks, with estrogen). Another situation when Medroxyprogesterone can be used is in the case of primary
amenorrhea. You can take for this dysfunction 1 pill per day, for 7 days, every 30 – 60 days, associated to estrogenic treatment.

Side effects

As any drug, Medroxyprogesterone has also side effects. If you notice unpleasant and severe side effects you must immediately let the doctor know and you should either stop the treatment or change the dose or take an equivalent medicine. Such Medroxyprogesterone side effects can be nausea and headache, or sight problems, as well as blood flow problems. Besides it can lead to jaundice or a sort of hepatitis. Severe headaches, acute sight problems, blood flow problems, or any dysfunction which affects the liver must be sign that you have to stop the treatment immediately. Other side effects are allergic reactions, acne, unwanted hair growth, menstruation changes and bleeding. Apart from these, you can notice breasts tension, weight gain, and high progesterone doses can lead to masculine features to feminine embryo and other malformations.

Counter indications

This drug is not recommended if you suffer from current blood flow problems or you have a history of such problems, or if hepatic insufficiency is your problem. Besides, in the case of breast cancer or genital one or in the case of other breasts affections which have not been diagnosed or in the case of suspect vaginal bleeding or pregnancy, you should not take this medicine. Finally you need to be prudent if liquid retention because of salty food you eat can be harmful for your


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