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Etymologically menopause means the end of the month (‘meno’=month; ‘pausis’=a pause). It actually is the term signifying the cessation of a woman’s menstrual cycle forever. That means not only stopping of periods permanently, but also a stoppage of the entire reproductive functioning of a woman. The biological reason for menopause is the permanent inactivity of the ovaries that comes more or less when a woman has reached her midlife. The day just after the woman has experienced her last period is clinically considered to be the beginning of her menopause. The normal range for menopause is 45 to 55 years. Menopause often brings about a series of psychological change in the woman. The sense of losing the entire reproductive functioning at times weighs the woman down. If not attended to properly, such a woman can grow severe depression.

Why it happens?

As a woman reaches her midlife, which is from 45 to 55 years on an average, her reproductive system starts growing inactive. We often hear about delivery complications in case there is a case of late pregnancy. It is for the same reason – the reproductive functioning has started giving up in that woman. At one point of time, the ovaries become totally inactive. Consequently, the menstruation cycle also stops forever. This stage is known as menopause. It is no disease. Rather, every woman experiences it once they reach that age.

What to do?

As it isn’t any kind of disease, there is no question of going for any ‘treatment’ as such. But, it is always advisable to consult a medical practitioner in case your period stops, as there can be several reasons for the stoppage (or delay) in periods. For instance, a case of uterus tumor can hamper the entire menstrual cycle. So, consult a doctor to ensure your commencement of menopause. Once you have reached that stage, do not take it in a negative way. It is only too common an affair with each and every woman around you. Remember one thing, the persons who really matter to you are those who look at you as a good human being, and not simply a body that will undergo sexual functions all through.


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