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Modern science has established the effect that a person’s physical appearance can have over her/his mental state. The reverse also holds equally true; the mental well being of a person profoundly influences each and every aspect of her/his life. That makes a sound mental health so very critical for our over all well being. There is not any standard ‘official’ definition for mental health (as per the WHO). It depends on the local cultural specificities, professional atmospheres, and a wide range of subjective assessments as to how we will define mental health. However, the term mental health will always include a person’s capability in terms of enjoying life, procuring the proper balance between various aspects of life, and the like.

Mental Health – Disruptions

Disruption of mental health, i.e. mental disorder, is so common an affair to all parts of the globe. Instances of mental disorder – temporary or long persistent, acute or chronic – include depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, alcohol and drug abuse, and a range of other problems. Cases of mental disorder often lead to serious nervous problems. The worldwide increase in migraine, cerebrovascular diseases, neuroinfections, etc. are also directly related to fast paced disruption of mental health of people all over the world. About a million people commit suicide every year, one in every four people visiting health clinics suffer from at least one kind of mental disorder. Consequently, mental health and its well being has become on of the key concerns of the entire world.

Taking Care

A model of mental health, if viewed holistically, will include at least the following tasks of life – spirituality or essence, friendship, leisure and work, love and self direction. Besides there are the equally important sub tasks such as sense of control and of worth, emotional awareness, sense of creativity, proper nutrition, self care, gender and cultural identity, effective stress management, and so on. These if applied in praxis, will surely play the most effective role in keeping mental health ever at a sound state.


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