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Methamphetamine is a powerful drug that activates certain portions of the central nervous system which includes the brain. Very similar to amphetamine in its chemical composition, this drug is used primarily in the treatment for obesity. Even a small amount of methamphetamine is sufficient enough to produce certain effects on the central nervous system which may include increased physical activity, increased wakefulness, increased respiration, decreased appetite, euphoria and hyperthermia. Apart from this, methamphetamine drug may also result in insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, convulsions, paranoia, confusion, anxiety and tremors. Convulsions and hyperthermia can even result in death of the individual. Methamphetamine has a long lasting toxic effect on the CNS and also has a high potential for addiction. Long term use of this drug can cause addiction, insomnia, anxiety, mood disturbances and aggressiveness. The patient may also exhibit certain psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, paranoia, delusions, etc.

What does this drug look like?

Methamphetamine is a crystal shaped powdered substance that is sometimes available in large chunks. The drug is usually white or pale yellow in color according to its purity.

How is methamphetamine used?

This drug can be taken orally, snorted, smoked as well as injected into the body.

Short term effects of this drug: -

Immediately after taking methamphetamine through injection or smoking, there is a sudden feeling of “flash” which lasts not more than five minutes and is considered to be the moment of extreme pleasure. Swallowing or snorting this drug produces a euphoric sensation which is immediately followed by a state of aggressiveness. Other immediate effects include wakefulness and insomnia, reduced appetite, violent behavior, convulsions, nervousness and even heart attack.

Long term effects of this drug: -

Methamphetamine is an addictive drug which can result into abuse and addiction among individuals. In extreme cases, the person may even forego sleep and take this drug frequently in large amounts. Chronic use of methamphetamine may cause hallucinations, paranoia, repetitive behavior, delusions, aggressive behavior, stroke and even death.


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