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Methylphenidate is a kind of medicine which is usually prescribed to children who are ADHD. ADHD means attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A person with ADHD has high level of activity which is not normal. He or she has abnormal high level of impulsivity when you compare it to the normal progress of the activities of children. This kind of behavior is usually noticed when a child is 3 to 5 years old or those children who are already elementary students. It will be observed to those children because you will notice that their locomotor activities are not normal, they are very impulsive and they cannot really pay attention well. Old people can also have this kind of disorder. In fact, the warning signs of ADHD can improve during the adolescent stage.

Information you should know

Methylphenidate is a kind of medicine which can stimulate the central nervous system of a person. The effects of methylphenidate and caffeine are just the same but the effect of methylphenidate is more powerful but less than amphetamines. It is given to those children who have ADHD so that they can be serious or can focus more on anything they do.

Doctors treat people with ADHD with different stimulants like Ritalin and psychotherapy because these kinds of medicine can help improve their behavior. Not only that, it can also improve the one’s self esteem, mental processes, and different functions of the patient like the family and social aspects. According to some studies, patients will not get addicted to those stimulants if they will just follow the prescription of the doctor.

Nowadays there are some people who abused taking Methylphenidate. The results of abusing this kind of medicine are the person will have good very good appetite so the result is, they will hold it back. They will be awake most of the time. They will be very active and very attentive. They will also feel great excitement.

When a person is already addicted to this medicine, he or she will take the tablet orally or he or she will mash it and afterwards inhale it.

How to take methylphenidate

Getting addicted to methylphenidate can be avoided if the patient will just follow the prescription of the doctor. It is very important for you to follow it because it has a lot of side effects. According to some news, boys are more prone to this kind of disorder than girls. Methylphenidate can’t be bought over the counter. Drug stores and pharmacies are now requiring you to have doctor’s prescription or you should have a license when you want to prescribe this medicine to avoid addiction.


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