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Minoxidil is a kind of medicine which is a vasodilator. It will relax your different veins and arteries so that your heart can pump easily. This kind of medicine is use to those people with low blood pressure.

Information you should know

It is not good if you will take this kind of medicine all of a sudden because if you will just stop it without any prior notice to your doctor, there is a possibility that your blood pressure will go up high and that would be very dangerous for your health. If this will happen, it will make you feel rough and nervous. You should be very careful when doing activities that will require you to be active like driving and doing any kind of dangerous activities because this kind of drug may cause wooziness. Once you feel this, you should stop whatever you are doing right away. You should also avoid drinking alcohol like beer because it can increase the wooziness because you are taking a medication.

You should discuss a lot of topics to your doctor when you are taking Minoxidil. First, you should know the things that you should not take while taking this medicine. You should not take this drug when you have heart aneurysm, pheochromocytoma and when you just had a heart attack for the last month. It is will be very dangerous to you and to your health when you have these kinds of conditions. It is recommended to tell your doctor immediately if your chest is in pain or if you have a kidney disease so that the doctor can avoid prescribing Minoxidil.

It is not also good for pregnant women to take this kind of medicine because there is a big chance to damage the baby inside the mother’s womb. If you are breastfeeding, it is still better for you to ask your doctor first for safety reasons.

How to take Minoxidil

It is good for to fully understand your doctor’s directions regarding how to take Minoxidil. If not, you can ask for help from a lot of people like nurse, pharmacist or other doctors. If you are taking another medicine for your high blood pressure, it important for you to follow the correct time that your doctor tells you to take each medicine. It is also advisable for you to ask your doctor to teach you what the normal heart rate is and the abnormal hear rate so that you will know when to rush to the hospital.


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