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Nail fungus


Nail fungus is composing of small organisms that can communicate a disease to your fingernails and toenails. Both your fingernails and toenails are good carriers of dirt and diseases.

According to a study, above 35 million people have this kind of fungus in the United States. This kind of fungi usually lives beneath your nails. Nails are a good place for fungus to live because it is a safe place for them because it is a good protection for them. It is very hard to stop them because they really want to stay in places which are dim and moist.

Information you should know

There are things that can entrap fungi and moisture like nail polish and acrylic nails. Most of the time, you can see fungus on your toenails because that is one part of your body which you always put socks on and the shoes can keep the environment of fungus dark, moist and warm. It is said that toenails are more prone to fungus compared to fingernails. When you already have fungus, the parts that are usually affected are the base and the sides of your foot. It is usually irritated and reddish. A lot of things can happen to your nails if its get affected by fungus. You will feel uncomfortable and it is very itchy. Sometimes, you may also feel pain on the flesh that surrounds you nails which is called cuticles. Sometimes, it is also possible to bleed or the cuticles will be removed. Eventually, your nails will change its color. It will turn into yellow green or yellow brown and sometimes you can also see some white spots on it. Your nails will become abnormal because it will have lines and it will congeal. Sometimes, it will even have some holes in there.

What to do to treat nail fungus

According to a lot of doctors, prevention is better than cure. This is so true with nail fungus. Prevention is the best way in order not to have it. Always cut your fingernails. If you find cutting your nails hard because it is very thick, you can soak it first with water with salt for a couple of minutes to make it softer. It is very important to keep your feet dry and fresh. You should choose a manicurist who always sterilizes her things, because if she is not, you might get serious diseases.

When you already have nail fungus, it is good for you to use topical creams. You have to put that cream on the area which is infected so that making it even worst will be prevented. If topical creams cannot already heal the infection, the doctor might suggest you to take oral medicines. But before taking it, you have to consult your doctor first because side-effects may occur when you are taking other medicines.


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