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Naturopathy is the practice of trying to improve or heal the body’s health through aiding our natural ability to heal ourselves. Those who believe and practice naturopathy believe that nature can be utilized for diagnosing and curing sicknesses and injuries.

The Approach of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to getting better and healing. There are many natural remedies for just as many sicknesses that we encounter in our everyday lives. Those who appreciate and practice naturopathy are intent on using only natural ways and means to get better and they do not believe on invasive surgery and in practically all kinds of synthetic drugs and medications which are not rooted in herbs and other natural, organic foods. Even x-rays and radiation are not practiced by those who believe in naturopathy.

There are many modalities that are included in naturopathy. These modalities include but are not limited to homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, manual therapy and many other natural forms of alternative medicine.

The three aspects of naturopathy are 1) the natural process of using water, air, food and sunlight in keeping healthy, 2) the philosophy of living naturally by experiencing the joy of life and healing and 3) the practical science of gaining and restoring health through naturopathy. Nature is the healer and the naturopathic physician is the one who just assists and facilitates the healing and gaining of strength by the patient.

The Other Side of Naturopathy

There are many critics of naturopathy because many of the modalities that belong to natural medicine or alternative medicine have not been properly tested for their efficacy and safety. Although, many of the criticism has stemmed from the medical world, these may have good basis since some of the alternative or natural treatments and remedies have not been thoroughly studied and researched. Some of the remedies are also short term or to be done continually and some doctors worry of the long term results.

There are some natural remedies and cures that have been critically studied and have passed muster. These are the herbs and some foods that naturally have healing abilities and elements which can affect people positively when they are ingested or applied through the smell or topical application.

In all, naturopathy does have some very valid and important remedies and treatments which can indeed help mankind. The problem is in selecting which ones can really help us.


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