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Obesity is kind of condition of being obese. Some people may think that being overweight and having too much fat is just the same. But the truth is, the two are different. When a person is overweight, some of his or her weight comes from his or her muscles and bones. When a person is obese it means that he or she has a lot of fats in his or he body.

According to some studies, above 65 percent of adults in the United States are obese. It is true that women have more body fats compared to men.

Information you should know

There are a lot of factors you can consider to know whether you are obese or not. There are some ways for you to measure your obesity. It is really hard to get the precise total of the body fat of a person. It is said that the most effective way is through weighing a person under the water. Some people use an x-ray test called DEXA which means Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. But this way is not actually recommended because it is only done in a research center using special instruments.

You can always do the much simpler way of getting the body fat. First way is to just by measuring how thick the layer of fats is which is just located under your skin and other parts of your body. Second is through transferring not dangerous electricity in the body of the person. But the results of these two different methods can not be accurate if it is done by unprofessional or a person without any experience.

Causes of obesity

There are different causes of obesity. A person gets obese easily when he or she takes a lot of fats inside his or her body more than what he or should chomp through. It is possible that obesity is hereditary. But sometimes, it is also because of the eating lifestyle of the whole family members. One big factor is also the social life of a lot of people especially Americans. They eat a lot of foods and most of American foods are oily. Most of them are obese because the level of their activity also very low. Different activities are also very good to make our body fit. The environment is also one of the factors to consider. There are a lot of foods not good for our health that is available in the market nowadays. Sometimes, it is also hard to find a right place to exercise especially when you do not have money to spend so that you can go to gyms or fitness center.

It is true that calories are important to our body to sustain life but we should remember that anything in excess is not good.


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