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Ortho Try-cyclen


Ortho Try-cyclen is a kind of medicine that has female hormones that will prevent women to get pregnant. It will prevent the egg cells of women to come out of the ovary. So in short, it is one kind of contraceptive. It will also change the mucous of your cervix and the lining of the uterus so as a result, it will be harder for the sperm cell to get through. Aside from acting as a contraceptive, it can also be a good medicine for your acnes and other diseases.

Information you should know

It is very important to know a lot of things and should be very careful before taking Ortho Try-cyclen. It is not recommended for pregnant women or those women who just gave birth to their babies to take this kind of pill. It is also not good to take this medicine if you have an experience of high blood pressure, clotting of blood, cancer and problems regarding circulation. Other conditions that you have to consider are the following: when the bleeding of the vagina is not normal, migraine and if you had an experience of jaundice because of taking some pills. It is very important to follow the instruction of your doctor if you have one of the diseases mentioned. You might still need to use condom during the first time you use it.

It is not really good to those people who still smoke above the age of 35 because it can increase the possibility for your blood to clot and having heart attack especially when you are taking hormones. You have to remember that you might still get pregnant if you are also taking some other drugs and Ortho Try-cyclen at the same time. So it is really good to consult your doctor first before taking any kind of drug.

Directions for taking Ortho Try-cyclen

You have to follow the instructions of your doctor on how to take Ortho Try-cyclen. You should follow the amount how longer you should take it because it can cause some side-effects. Generally, women t his kind of pill during the first day of her menstruation or during the first Sunday after the woman starts having a menstruation.

Women should always remember to take it every day and the interval should not exceed 24 hours. You have to buy another pack if you just figured out that you are running of Ortho Try-cyclen. When you miss taking a single pill in one day, you are also increasing your chance to get pregnant. It is recommended to take one pill a day. If you miss one pill on a particular day, you should take 2 pills the following day. You have to take note that do not smoke when you are taking Ortho Try-cyclen especially when you are 35 and above. I bet you do not want to have any health problems.


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